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Advanced Painting Techniques
Advanced Painting Techniques

Advanced Painting Techniques

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Have you recently remodeled your house? Are there a few things hanging around that just don't match your homes new decor?  What about all those beautifully framed pictures that just don't flow with your new colors.  Well.... you can dry brush or paint them!

Dry brushing is an easy way to change the color of frames or furniture in minutes and in this class you will learn to do this fun technique.

You will also learn about Fusion's Stain and Finishing Oil.  This product can be applied to raw or  sanded wood and in one easy step, you will get a beautiful and super durable finish. 

 Yes, it stains and seals at the same time. It can also be used on a painted cabinets or furniture pieces to add depth and durability.

Wet sanding is used to give your pieces a smooth silky finish that you will love to touch!

In this class you will learn four new ways to enhance your pieces, Dry Brush, Wet Sand, Stain and Glaze with Stain.

So, if you have already taken the Basic Skills Class, and want to learn more, this is the class for you!