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Our Story

I have always had a passion for color and design. My first career was designing model homes and eventually I moved into residential design. After having children, I left my interior design career to become a full time mother, but never lost my love for design and creating a comfortable home.

 My children call me a hobbyist, and I have gone through many different creative outlets, but I found my passion when I started painting and restoring furniture. Taking a “throw away” piece of furniture and giving it new life is very exciting.  Even after four years of painting furniture, I’m still shocked at what a little paint can do! Refurbishing a customer’s favorite sentimental piece of furniture into something fresh and current became more than just a hobby.

 Eventually, I opened a booth at an Artisan Mall. There, I was asked about teaching furniture painting classes, and figured well I do have a Fine Arts Degree, why not! So I started teaching small classes, showing clients the basics of furniture painting. With my (not so secret) secret weapon FUSION MINERAL PAINT restoring and painting furniture is quite simple. I enjoyed seeing my “students” enthusiasm for painting and their furniture transformations.

In addition to furniture painting I've added a lot of fun crafting classes.  Crafting Workshops are  perfect for those who want to get together with friends or family to paint pillows, signs, do a dirty pour or make a centerpiece!!

So whether you are trying to restore furniture, redo your kitchen, or just looking for a fun night out with your friends, there is a class for you!